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From here you can access sets of frequency lists with every word linked to a set of learning resources including text-to-speech, concordance, dictionary, and a range of fixed and user built quizzes. (TTS temporarily unavailable).

Learning principle: Learners like word lists, so let's give them good ones. As learners sense, word lists unlike natural texts can provide broad coverage of a frequency zone in a short time. And if properly resourced and used, lists can be a stimulus to deep learning as well (a point elaborated in Cobb 1999).

  1. English Classic (1k+2k+AWL)
    (2 April 09): Build-a-Dictionary option from PET*2000 is revived. Accesse from larger context window (at bottom); full-sentence examples can be glossed and saved in Excel - paste-friendly format.

    1k and 2k lists as of Sept 08 are linked to corpora of graded reader collections. This means words are met in comprehensible contexts.

        1a. English BNC (1k - 20k)
    Complete List_Learn of the entire language. In headword lists, with full family searches; connected to Brown + BNC Sampler written corpora; Text to Speech (TTS), and choice of nine translation dictionaries.
  2. French
    Mise à jour complète - FEB 2013
    The idea of using string radicals (about' for aboutir, aboutie, etc) was originally devised as a way to limit the large number of morphologies that exist for most French words, which could easily make the family lists unmanageable. This idea was described in Cobb & Horst, 2001 ... here on its third refinement.

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